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in anything you need. so once again, thanks on behalf of myself and everyone here. and why don't we get started up. i will call the next two names. first we would like to hear from gail bush and michael herd. please come up to the front table. ok, gail, why don't you begin. >> thank you for your time. i'm here as a volunteer of the american lung association and someone who has worked in the health-care care industry. i would like to thank you for the new guidelines you are trying to implement for the standards for the new power plants. i am here to implement the same standards for the existing power plants. rookie in the health care industry, i see that our in- patient find increases whenever the air pollution is high and when that air quality standards are low. i see the impact that the air quality has on our patience. with new guidelines, we are impacted by having to implement changes within the hospitals because of our in-patient admissions. we can now be penalized for patients who have chronic lung diseases, cardiac diseases, because of their readmission into our facilities, and tha
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1